Watching and Waiting and Staying Up to 2am (Part 1)

UPDATE: I’ve now had my zoom chat with the editor, my prize for being shortlisted in #RevPit. Not only was she a lovely person, but she gave me great feedback and direction on how to move forward with my story. Her name is Jeni Chappelle, and you should check her out if you’re in need of editing services.


Writing is all about watching and waiting (and writing, of course)!

Watching your inbox, waiting for an email.

This month’s watching and waiting was proudly brought to me by two writing opportunities. The first one was #RevPit

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#RevPit is an annual contest where developmental editors chose an author from a pool of 100 eager candidates. They then work with their Chosen One over two months to polish and prepare their manuscript for agent submission.

And how do writers become an eager candidate? Writers submit their query letter and first five pages to two editors. Only to two. Then they do what writers do best. They watch and wait (and hopefully keep writing, of course)!

So how do I fit into this story? I stayed up until 2am – yes, 2am – one quiet night so I could submit as soon as the #RevPit window opened (this is what it’s like when you live on the other side of Planet Earth from where most of these writing opportunities are based).

Now unlike most competitions, #RevPit editors only take 100 submissions, so once their list is full, it’s closed. No more entries. Hence, the staying up to 2am. You gotta get in quick.

And I’m chuffed I did.

For I received an email from my top choice editor in her first round of requests (I didn’t have to wait long for this). The editor started her email by saying lovely things about my story and writing skills that will be forever imprinted in my head. Plus, she said I made her must-read list!!! She also requested my full manuscript, a two-page synopsis, and answers to a shopping list of questions. About my work, where I felt I needed help, what I would fight to the death not to change.

I sent everything within 24 hours of receiving her email.

And waited.

Okay, I’ll be honest with you, I did NOT sit on a rock or a tree stump or whatever to stare out at an awesome view like the unknown person above but…you get my drift. My life is busy enough that I didn’t really have free time to dwell on things. But even if I did, one of the best things about #RevPit is you don’t have to wait long. Results are announced in two weeks. That’s barely enough time to calm down from receiving a request!

The winners of #RevPit were announced…yep, you guessed it, 2am my time. But I didn’t stay up for it. The result was going to be the result, whether I stayed up or not. But I did check my phone as soon as I woke.

And did I win?

No…but yes. Kind of.

What I mean is, I won’t be receiving the winner’s prize of a two-month developmental edit with my editor of choice 😢 but as I made her shortlist, I will receive a zoom feedback chat with her to discuss my work. 😃

I’m looking forward to that. And I won’t have to stay up to 2am for it.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Watching and Waiting and Staying Up to 2am.

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