Pitch (More like a Friendship) Wars

Edited in November to add:

Alas, I wasn’t picked for Pitch Wars (less than 3% of those who submitted were), but I was shortlisted with extra pages of my manuscript requested. Think that’s a win of sorts. 😉


Hi all,

So this week, after much umm’ing and ah’ing, I decided to submit my middle grade manuscript to Pitch Wars.

For those unaware, Pitch Wars is a mentoring program where mentors select a writer and work with them over a three month period, offering suggestions to improve their manuscript, query letter, and pitch for a subsequent agent showcase event. More details of the program can be found here.

I’ll be honest, I was undecided about entering this program for the reason most writers hesitate: lack of belief that my writing is good enough. But that is also why I DID want to enter. What I do believe in is my story’s (and my writing’s) potential. I’m just not sure how to reach it. I know my story is not where I want it, but I’m not sure how to get it there.

There are two more reasons I decided to enter, the first being I needed a new stimulus to keep my butt in its chair and get my manuscript, and its query and synopsis, to submission stage.

Writing can sometimes feel isolating, especially when you live in Australia and so much appears geared for the northern hemisphere. While I know many wonderful writers, both in Australia and abroad, and call quite a few of those friends, hardly any write middle grade. I’ve yet to find a writing support group in my local area that writes middle grade. Those that I have found, are closed to new members.

Critique comments I have received have been great but, for some reason, finding a critiquer who specializes in writing and reading middle grade has not been easy for me.I guess I wanted to widen my writing community base, maybe form more partnerships. I’m hoping the Pitch Wars community is one way to do this.

I’m pragmatic – I know the odds are against me getting picked for mentorship (apparently only 3% are successful, based on last year’s figures). But if nothing else, I’m already making more writerly connections, discovering colleagues and friends, with others taking the plunge. We’re all in this together. It’s kind of like we have each other’s backs.

And that’s the biggest benefit of all,


P.S. I’m also having a blast following the #pwteasers hastag on Twitter. Some find it too stressful but I’m having a lot of (time-wasting 😉 ) fun!

Anyone else entered Pitch Wars this year? Best of luck if you have!

Or entered in past years? Would love to know how you went!


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