Tween Guest Book Review: GOM’s Gold by S.L.Mills

Hi all,

recent neck surgery has denied me the pleasure of blogging (muddled brain is not conducive to non-rambling thoughts…), hence the absence of posts so far this month. I hope to be back to full strength soon.

In the meantime…after letting slip to my twelve-year-old daughter that all this post-surgery down time meant more time to read which, in turn, meant a backlog of possible future book reviews, said daughter announced that she would take over the blogging reins, make that, keyboard, and post a review on one of her recent reads.

So here it is, in her words:


GOM’S Gold by S.L.Mills

(I think I’m supposed to say this at the beginning, aren’t I?)

GOM’S Gold is a spectacular and imaginative book by S.L.Mills. The main characters of the story are twins, Jolie and Joey, who embark on an adventure to all corners of the universe, and meet new and interesting people along the way.

I really liked how the castle they visit is set in Australia’s awesome Blue Mountains. I had a great time there last year (in the Blue Mountains, not the castle – that’s not real, of course! 🙂 )

I also liked how every character had different traits and secrets. For example, Gom was very serious, Rose was gentle and – wait for it – Arthur was a half-dragon!

One thing I found hard to understand was when Jolie was being taught about frequency, pitch and scrying. I guess things like dimensional transportation are hard for me to get 😉

Overall, this was a fantastic book which gripped me at every page. I’d definitely read a second book in the series.

Any comments or thoughts for me? 🙂


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