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Hi all,

as I currently travel through Europe with my family, the importance of journey over destination has become obvious.


This is why the below post resonates with me, and why I wanted to share it with you.

Would love to know your thoughts, and I’ll share more of my own journey in due course.

Until then, happy writing,


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Tripping Away…

Hi all,

Blank Norebook

Yep, I know I’ve been a little quiet on the writing/blogging/social media chit-chat front lately, but if there’s ever a good reason to step away, it’s this. I’ve been head down and butt up organising a pretty huge overseas trip for my family of five.

A trip that’s about to start.

A trip consisting of:

four (loooong) flight segments,

four (pretty fast) train rides,

ten diverse hotel and apartment stays, and

three car hires – and one of a narrowboat.

And while helping my children juggle four currencies – and my husband juggle three offspring – I hope to squeeze in some much needed time to research my next WIP. But more on that later…

I hope you’re finding some time to write.

Or at least some time to plan a research, I mean, family trip.

Until next time,