The Gray Area Between Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction

Back in 2010, Mary Kole, who was then a literary agent, wrote a post called “Is it MG or YA?” on her excellent site  I should note that the publishing market has changed between 2010 an…

Source: The Gray Area Between Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction


The Healing Power of Writing (and Reading)

Hi everyone,

in a twenty-four hour period earlier this week, my son broke his wrist, I was left stranded by a flat tyre, and Trump won the US presidential election.

Not a good day.

But things always get better.


My son’s wrist will heal.

The tyre has been repaired.

But I must admit, the election result has left this Australian deeply concerned. Deeply concerned that the dangerous ideas swirling among sectors of this one lonely planet’s community now have a loud voice on the world stage. Trump always had a loud voice, only now this voice comes out of the mouth of the future leader of the world’s biggest economy. Yes, I’m deeply concerned about the effect this will have on those already marginalized by hate and ignorance, its effect on the environment, and on our children.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter behind The Social Network and The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin, summed it up beautifully in a letter he wrote to his wife and teenage daughter. Read it here:

Aaron Sorkin’s letter to his daughter after Donald Trump was elected President

As Aaron also demonstrated, this is how writers can DO something. Books, articles, short stories, and blog posts can have a profound effect on readers. They heal, enlighten, and empower. They give hope, lead by example, and offer comfort.

I am currently outlining my next project, a middle-grade novel. I will do all I can in this work, and in any other work of mine, to show readers that they do matter, that their voices have a right to be heard, and that they deserve respect.

Things can, and will, get better. If we stand together and make it happen.