The Biggest Thing I Took Away From the Writer’s Digest Conference (and It Has Nothing to Do With Sessions, Agents, or Networking)

Hi all,


I returned this week from a jam-packed three-week trip to the USA, the main purpose of which was to attend the annual Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City, as well as conduct research in New York and Massachusetts for my next manuscript. Apologies for the lack of posts during this time, but my days were so full that my nights usually found me exhausted!

The conference was fantastic – I will cover the main points of the sessions I attended in later posts. I caught up with old friends, made many more new ones, and learned so much (why is it that the more you learn, the more you feel there is to learn?) Stay tuned for the posts.

The centerpiece of the conference, pitching manuscripts to agents, was the item that first drew my attention to this conference. And I’m very pleased to say that, out of the ten wonderful agents I pitched my YA manuscript to, all ten requested a submission. So my priority for the next couple of weeks will be submitting requested pages to these agents.


HOWEVER, was this the biggest thing I took away from this conference?

While huge, better than I expected, and a massive boost to my see-sawing confidence as a novelist…no.

The biggest thing for me was the realization, or rather, the confirmation, that this writerly life is so hard to do without the complete and utter support of FAMILY. That while the act of writing can be a solitary pursuit, traveling for research and to pursue publication is far easier if it is not.

For without the support and encouragement of my husband and children, I could not have made this 10,000 mile/16,000 kilometer trip from Australia (and other trips I have previously undertaken for research and learning).

For without my husband and children taking up the reins of all the tasks I normally tackle back home, I could not pursue my passion to write with the same level of intensity and detail.

For their efforts and understanding, I am forever grateful.

Now, on to the task of those agent submissions…

Until next time, happy writing,



7 thoughts on “The Biggest Thing I Took Away From the Writer’s Digest Conference (and It Has Nothing to Do With Sessions, Agents, or Networking)

    1. Thanks, Sara. I loved meeting you too! I have been busy since my return to Australia catching up on commitments here and preparing my submissions (a final read-through of my manuscript after such an informative conference was necessary!) I’ll let you know how I go. I trust your edit is going well!

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