(Un)fair (Ab)use – the Australian Productivity Commission’s Proposal to Attack the Rights of Writers

Hi all,

a storm is brewing in the Australian publishing industry and it’s not looking good.

Aussie storm1

I thought I’d share a link to a great post which explains (in an uncomplicated way) the reason for this storm: the Australian Productivity Commission’s idiotic and insulting view that writers do not write for money so, therefore, should not be entitled to own the rights to their work in the years to come:


: – (

Did you read it?

As the author of the post, Allison Tait, so eloquently said:

“As an author I don’t own much. All I have are my words.

And now the commission wants to take them from us? The proposed changes to intellectual property arrangements in Australia is serious stuff, with the potential to drastically undermine an already fragile publishing industry. Submissions detailing concerns must be received by June 3rd, 2016. They can be sent to this link:


A petition against this proposal has been organised at:


Please consider signing this petition.

And let’s hope our decision-makers come to their senses and listen to the industry.



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