Breaking the Cardinal Rule of Blogging

You may have noticed (or maybe not–in which case, I’m about to point it out to you), that I haven’t posted a blog entry in over a month.

Yes, over a month. Terrible.  Shame on me. I’ve broken the cardinal rule of blogging: post-on-a-regular-basis-or-you-will-die-a-quick-and-painful-death.


But I have a reason. A valid reason, I believe. I hope you will forgive me…

It’s this: I’ve been in the grips of a major rewrite of my latest manuscript, a rewrite which not only excited, but consumed me. You see, I’d been grappling with my opening for a ridiculously long time now (yes, I hear you say. Been there and it’s not pretty). A little over a month ago, I finally came up with the answer.

So I changed my opening, which resulted in a rewrite of much of my manuscript. Easier to ditch it altogether and start again? Maybe, but I believe in this story and its characters. It’s as simple as that. So I couldn’t let it go. For better or worse, I couldn’t stop. Not until the rewrite was done. Like I said, it consumed me. It demanded my complete and uninterrupted focus.

There’s a lot of talk these days about author platforms being a key component of any author’s portfolio. And I agree. But let’s not focus so much on social media, blogging and marketing that we lose sight of the key work we do and the reason we do what we do. For me, that means writing novels. That will always be my first love. That will always come first in my book. It’s what gets me up in the morning and steers me to my keyboard.

And it also means not hitting myself over the head when this key work takes me away from other facets of my portfolio. I know I will always return to them, but it’s a matter of priorities and demands, and dealing with the most pressing first.

Which has resulted in an improved manuscript, especially the opening…

Happy writing!


How do you split your time between key writing projects, and your platform and other commitments?